Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Palmistry Tips: How to tell some one is susceptible to spiritual disturbances

It is believed that people who have a broken head line or an island on the head line, tend to be more susceptible to spiritual disturbances.

Mandi Bunga 冲花凉 (Flowers Bath)

This ritual of showering with flowers have been around for centuries and can cleanse one's aura and boost the luck as well. The ancient Chinese emperors are known to have observed this practice. In SE Asia, the Limau purut (Kaffir Lime) is often added to enhance the spiritual effect. In fact, traditional silat warriors will take this ritual bath to mark the completion of their training. To increase the power, I will also imbue the lime with mantra chants to prepare this bath.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

A Thai Astrology Case Study on Infidelity

When this chart was presented to me, I was being asked if the chart’s owner is an unfaithful man. The wife was depressed over it for many months but she never managed to find any evidence to confront him. However, it was extremely difficult to put it across to her since I see many signs of his infidelity, especially in 2015. Indeed, I feel pity for her as she is unwilling to leave him. First, the ruler of his 5th House (represent children as well as young love), the Moon (2), goes to his 7th house (represents marriage). The implication is that he loves sweet young thing as his choice of spouse, which is not good for long term marriage since his wife will grow old eventually and this will spurs him to look elsewhere. Secondly, the Moon is in trine with Saturn and Rahu, both of which are rulers of the malefic 12th house, bringing separation and loss to the marriage. Finally, the ruler of the 12th House (which also represents carnal pleasures), Uranus, goes to the 7th House (marriage), meaning he is dissatisfied always in his marriage. In 2015, his transiting Self (@) in Virgo conjuncts with Jupiter, which is coming from the 7th House (marriage) and in a weak position. This made his marriage to be rocky, attributing to his debauchery, represented by Rahu which is in the same position as well.

Alvin Chua

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A look at Taiwanese celebrity Sonia Sui’s Marriage using Thai Astrology 用泰国占星术看隋棠的婚姻

Why is her marriage interesting to analyse? It is because 3 famous masters (one from Hong Kong, two from Taiwan) have announced their predictions on her marriage few years ago but none of them were correct. This article will have the details about their predictions:
One of the Masters, Peter So, even claimed that she is destined not to have a husband (无夫命), which is a rather serious comment to make. From what I see of her bazi, her Day Branch is unfavorable and is clashed by the Month Branch, thus marital problems potential really there but not necessarily means no husband.
But ultimately, just like the 3 masters above, we are all making guesses since we do not know the hour of birth and thus the accuracy can be compromised.
Nevertheless, I have tried to work backwards using Thai Astrology from the date of her marriage and childbirth to try to estimate the possible birth hour of herself, in order to come up with a chart to analyze her marriage.

Her Marriage on 10 Jan 2015: Rahu is the ruler of the 7th House, the house of marriage (natal) and it is with @ (Self in transit). This is the first indication of marriage. The second indication is the Mercury, which is the ruler of @ and it is with Venus (represents love matters) in transit.
Her Birth of her son on 29 Aug 2015: The first indication is that Rahu (planet of change) is with @ (Self in transit) and in trine with 5th House (House of Children). The second indication is that Jupiter is the Ruler of the 5th House (natal) which is in Virgo and in conjunction with @.
Her father:  In this chart, Mars is located in the 4th House, the House of Family. For woman, this House also represent her father. Mars symbolises a fierce and strict soldier, very action-driven, and these coincides with her father’s strict discipline on Sonia and her sister. The father forbade them from wearing pants (only skirts) since young and caned them frequently to discipline them. He is fierce and conservative man who makes sure his children does not go astray.
Herself: Her Self is represented by Venus, which is with the Ascendant. It indicates the tendency for a well groomed and artistic person. She will love all form of art, is fashionable, charming and good looking person who tends not to like physical work (like to laze around when not working). These seems to fit her profile quite closely.
Hence, from the events above, I have deduced that Sonia is born between the hours of 0030-0250 on 22 Oct 1980.
So based on this timing, what is the conclusion drawn from the chart about her marriage?
The ruler of the House of Marriage is Rahu and it goes to the 12th House, which is House of Sudden Loss. This would mean that her first marriage will be very difficult and likely to end in divorce due to betrayal. These will bound to happen if she marry at a young age. The only way to reduce the likelihood of divorce is to get married at an older age (after age 30 for women) and fortunately this is what she did, marrying only at the age of 34. It will be even better if the husband is much older than her, which can help reduce the likelihood of disagreement. In conclusion, based on what we can see from her chart, this marriage will be blissful (on the condition that the birth hour deduced is accurate), unlike what Peter So said.

Alvin Chua

Monday, September 21, 2015

Honouring the Departed: A Buddhist Perspective

This sharing may come a bit too late since the Chinese seventh month is over. Nevertheless, I would like to share this excellent booklet that covers in details of the Theravada Buddhists’ concept of merit sharing as well as the offering of food to the departed loved ones. I personally subscribe to the concepts described in it since the author have done in-depth research on the historical aspects and made frequent references to the Pali scriptures to substantiate his points. Hence, the booklet serves well as a blueprint for Buddhists who wants to follow the correct practises, as close as possible to what the Lord Buddha actually taught. It also discourages the burning of paper offerings which has nothing to do with Buddhism proper.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sakyant Experience

我恩师在他年轻的时候曾多次到泰国,寮国等国家寻师觅法。也因此在途中亲身试了很多的经文刺青。身体前后还有双臂到手腕都是sakyant。就因为年纪青 所以什么法门都要尝试。但到了我们徒弟这一代, 师父却完全不赞成任何人去sakyant。当年当他真正明白了法力与它的修法时,他渐渐的不再主张sakyant。所以现在的他出门都是穿长袖上衣和长 , 因为sakyant没什么值得秀的,也不想人家问长问短。
对于这样的说法我也非常同意。只不过我自己本身对刺青情有独钟多年,再加上有些经文和我们的法门有关,结果我还是跑去下了五条经文(Ha Taew)和九塔符(Gao Yord) 

The master who did my tattoos is AJ Krukai, who is said to be from one of the original lineages of the Ha Taew. 

Was it painful? Hell yes cause this is not machine tattooed but countless forceful jabs done manually over an hour or more. But what is really amazing is the blessing ritual at the end of the session where AJ Krukai empowers me and my tattoos. I have always taken it with a pinch of salt when I watched videos of people going into trance during such rituals. However, when I went through it first hand, what I experienced was definitely the most intense spiritual energy I have encountered so far. The first time I felt such energy was more than 10 years ago when one of my meditation teachers uses his energy to guide my energy up my spine during meditation. The second time was when I was undergoing the healing lamp session by my guru, which a strong surge of spiritual energy was passed from my crown right down to my feet. For this time, when AJ Krukai started chanting, I felt the spiritual energy enter through the left and right side of my waist. And it was few times stronger than the two previous encounters. As the energy travels up my body, I began to shake violently with my hands in the wai position. I managed to maintain around 10% control of my body and consciousness as the remaining self was overwhelmed by that energy. If I am to lose control totally, I would have gone into a trance, probably doing some warrior poses. My eyes began to roll up involuntarily once it reaches my head as my body shook like it is going to explode. To sum it up, the whole process felt like someone just touched you with a live power cable. When it all ended, there remains a strange serenity within me that lasted throughout the rest of the day. It was indeed an eye opening and unforgettable experience. I could not help but marvel at the ability of the ancient rishis to have discovered, studied and passed down such spiritual practices (mantras, yantras, etc) since thousands of years ago.

Yant Gan Keow Na by AJ Neung on my ankle

Alvin Chua

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Energy Space Cleansing 空间能量净化

What is Energy Space Cleansing (also known as Spiritual Cleansing)? 什么是空间能量净化?
Almost every culture has its own ceremony to cleanse and bless a property, which has been passed down for generations. Such ceremonies are usually done by spiritual healers respected by their communities. Basically, the intention is to pay respect to the intrinsic earth energies in the area, remove negative energies and finally bless it with the power of the spiritual healer. This is done so as to ensure that the new occupants can live safely and peacefully in the property in years to come. Unfortunately, nowadays many masters (including monks) actually do not have enough spiritual power to perform such blessing rituals. The whole process ends up being a play of symbolism but does nothing to the energy in that space. For me, I have learned my skill from a spiritual master who have been doing this for over 30 years, thus it is a genuine time-tested method (we use the light of a candle powered with secret mantras). Note that I do not use the commonly known term “Space Clearing” since our lineage have been around for more than a century and thus has nothing to do with the new method of Space Clearing (When it comes to real malevolent entities, most Space Clearers are unable to remove them).
几乎每一种文化都有自己的居住空间净化和祈福的仪式。这样的仪式通常是由他们的社区的宗教人士来进行。基本上,目的是为了祭祀地灵,消除负能量,最后在祈福。这样做,是以确保新主人能够平安和事事顺利。不幸的是,现在有很多“名”师(包括僧侣)都没有实际的能力来执行这样的净化仪式。最终整个过程只有象征意义而没有真正的净化到那空间。至于我来说,我的做法与知识都是来自于我的恩师。他本身已从事这样的工作超过30年,因此,他的方法是真正经得起考验的(我们是通过使用蜡烛的光与一些秘密古咒语来进行净化)。需注意的是,我不使用所谓 “Space Clearing”的俗称,因为我们的方法是已经传承了一个多世纪的古法,并非近年来才流行的“Space Clearing”(当涉及到真正的邪灵时,大部分Space Clearers都是束手无策)。

Who needs Energy Space Cleansing? 谁需要空间能量净化呢
Energies actually leave imprints in the immediate environment and can linger around for many years. Such imprints may be left behind by past occupants, be it human or non-human. Arguments among the current occupants can also leave negative vibes that linger for a long time. The energy can also become stagnant and not conducive for the living if the property is very old or vacant for some time. In more serious cases, it may not just be negative imprints but actual entities of another plane of existence. Without proper cleansing, residing in such a home or business property can bring the following problems:
·        - Lack of energy
·         -Lack of mental clarity
·        - Ill health
·         -Sleep disorders
·         -Sleep paralysis
·        - Frequent nightmares or weird dreams
·         -Excessive stress
·        - Excessive negative emotions such as anger or sadness
·         -Unexplainable presence of someone watching you
·         -Unexplainable stench
·         -Unexplainable noise in the night
·         -Unexplainable cold areas within the property
·         -Pets behaving strangely
·         -Constant bad luck
·         -Problems with business
·         -Consecutive unexplained deaths in the house
·         -Actually seeing apparitions
·         -Lights or electrical appliances going on or off repeatedly
·         -Disharmony in the family or among the workers

What are the benefits of Energy Space Cleansing?
You will immediately feel that all the rooms in the property will become brighter and the atmosphere will feel very comfortable and relaxing. For a business, everyone will feel more motivated and harmonious. For a home, the family will sleep better, especially if the children have been cranky since moving into the house. Anyone who has been ill will feel the healing process improved. Generally, the mind will feel clearer and there will be better mental focus. Unexplainable disturbances (if any) will also cease or be greatly reduced.

What is the difference between Feng Shui and Energy Space Cleansing?
Feng Shui taps on the environmental energies and have long lasting positive effects which take place gradually. Energy Space cleansing on the other hand, rely on spiritual practices to create an almost immediate shift in the energy so that results come faster in comparison. Feng Shui is usually used to alleviate bad energies from the environment while Energy Space Cleansing is used to remove bad vibe residue that originated from beings (human, animals, entities, etc). These two practises are complementary since both works with different level of energies.
It is important to note that there are many Feng Shui consultants around and you can find one easily (I DO NOT offer Feng Shui service) but there are very few spiritual healers who can do energy space cleansing.

When is the best time to get an Energy Space Cleansing?
The best time is when you just move into a new home or office. You probably have spent lots of money renovating the place but this is all in terms of the physical space only. The original energy there remains and has been stale for a long time and as a result became not conducive for living or working at all.  You can also get the cleansing done when there is someone at home who is sick for a long time. Another good time to have an Energy Space Cleansing is when there is a major change happening, such as a new baby, a new job, a new relationship, new renovation, etc. Energy Space Cleansing will imbue fresh positive energy into your home or office.

How often does Energy Space Cleansing need to be done?
Usually just once is enough. Some people will have it done once a year just to be on the safe side. If it is an office or shop, then maybe more since there are more people using that space and their auras can leave energy residues behind.

I have read books on using smudge stick, sage and singing bowls? Can I do this myself?
All these methods only serve to clear very weak negative energies. A lot of times these methods are great for maintenance by you after I have done the initial thorough cleansing. In addition, the process that I do, not only cleanse the space but also blesses it and fills it with positive energy.

How long does a session take and what is the cost? 净化仪式需多少时间,价钱又如何?
A cleansing session takes only around 30-45 minutes to complete. And it costs S$80 per session (for HDB or apartment unit). Landed property will cost more due to the larger area to cover (please enquire separately). For serious case of spirit removal, it can take a few sessions, depending on the power of the entity as well as how long the disturbance has been ongoing (days, months or even years). The longer it is, the more difficult to remove.

What information do I need to provide prior to the session? 我需提供什么资料吗?
A brief background on the house / office and its occupants would be helpful in my work.