Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Does Vedic astrologers of the old days really have means to measure time accurately?

I often wondered, if Vedic astrology is so dependent on the accuracy of the birth time, right down to the minutes, how do the ancient astrologers measure time? If there is no effective way of tracking time to such precision, will that imply astrology is simply hogwash, despite its antiquity? Well, in Jaipur, North India, there is an astronomical observation site called the Jantar Mantar, which was built in the early 18th century (1739 to be exact). It includes a set of some twenty main fixed instruments which were blown up to astronomical (pun) size. One of the most important instruments is known as the Vrihat Samrat Yantra (great king of instruments), which is the world’s largest stone sundial. How accurate it is? It can predict the time with accuracy up to within two seconds! Therefore, we know that more than 2 hundred years ago, the ancient Indians really do have already an effective way to measure time with such amazing accuracy. The following video will show you a close look of these instruments:

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra as a Astrological Remedy

Revered as one of the oldest mantra in Vedas, the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra, is a verse from Rig Veda, and addresses the Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva.

The followings are what many teachers said about it and especially its use as a Vedic astrological remedy.

“To avert unexpected accidents and dangers to life, for living a long life, incidentally to cure fatal diseases and to have a peaceful end, while suffering in death bed.”
       Swami Shantananda Puri, Infallible Vedic Remedies Mantras for Common-Problems

“Some misfortunes overtake us and we can surmount misfortunes. A very powerful mantra to overcome misfortunes is Mrityunjaya Mantra. Why not add this to daily worship?”
Shri K.N. Rao, one of world’s most prominent Indian astrologers, Astrology, Destiny and the Wheel of Time.

“… The Mrityunjaya Mantra to Lord Shiva is used specifically to ward off calamities, including those caused by the planets.”
                               David Frawley, Ayurvedic Astrology

“The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is the most important Vedic mantra for healing body and mind and for dealing with all negativity and suffering possible in life, whether from other people, wild animals, the forces of nature or spiritual forces… Reciting this chant helps to remove negative karmas in life – particularly those owing to the planetary influences of the malefic planet Saturn.”
David Frawley, Inner Tantric Yoga: Working with the Universal Shakti: Secrets of Mantras, Deities and Meditation

“The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra forms a protective shield around the soul… In cases of disease, impending disaster or imminent death, the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is often prescribed.”
       Linda Johnsen, A Thousand Suns: Designing Your Future with Vedic Astrology

“The great Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh gave great praise to this mantra: he said that the Maha Mrityunjaya is a life-giving mantra that wards off death by accidents of all descriptions, and has a great curative effect, including diseases pronounced incurable by doctors, when chanted with sincerity, faith and devotion.”
Stephen Sturgess, The Supreme Art and Science of Raja and Kriya Yoga: The Ultimate Path to Self-Realisation.

“The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is undertaken for longevity and good health… It is considered one of the most potent healing mantras in the world… It is efficacious for relief of a wide variety of chronic illnesses, including immune system problems.”
Thomas Ashley-Ferrand, an expert in mantra-based spiritual disciplines, Healing Mantras

 “In the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, sage Parashara prescribes the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra as an astrological remedial measure on at least 24 separate occasions.”
      Vaughn Paul Manley, Benefits of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

In her book Vedic Secrets to Happiness, Anne Beversdorf recommended this mantra as a remedy for those with a weak or afflicted Moon, Jupiter, Saturn as well as those charts with affliction caused by Rahu.

印度占星看自闭症案例 (Vedic Astrology on Autistic Case) A Youtube video I did

这是一个患有自闭症的男孩的案例研究,以及如何从他的吠陀占星盘看出他的健康问题。This is a case study of a boy who is suffering from autism and how it can be interpreted from his Vedic astrology chart.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Vedic Astrological Chart of Jay Chou 周杰伦的印度占星盘

The following analysis was done based on the timing derived by a Vedic Astrologer in Taiwan.  He have matched the major events in Jay’s life against the various possible birth time and found that it is most likely to be 12.30am. Here,  I will read his chart based on my approach. This is actually an excellent chart we see here for 2 reasons. First is that you will notice that there are absolutely no planets badly placed in the 6th, 8th and 12th Houses at all.  Next, we see that none of the planets are afflicted by the functional malefic planets other than Moon. Since the Moon represents the mother, we know that Jay’s mother did not have a good life, especially the early years after she gave birth to him. Even after her son is now rich and famous, she will still keep herself busy with work because that is her nature.
Self: The Ascendant Lord is Venus which is strong and well placed. Venus represents romance, luxury, show biz and most important in his case, singing. With Venus residing in his House of Status and Wealth (2nd House), it is no surprise that this will bring him success and money easily. The 2nd House is also associated with speech and voice, so it is easy to see the connection there with regards to his singing career.
Marriage: Venus also represents the wife in a male’s chart and the 2nd House is also associated with marital bliss, so a strong Venus will give him the luck to get a wife who supports his family life. Mercury and Jupiter cast their influence on Venus, making the wife to be intelligent, soft-spoken and dutiful. Mars is the Lord of the 7th House (House of Marriage/Partnership) and it sits well in the 4th House. Its strength is compromised here as the Sun is combusting it but Mars remains strong since it is in its exaltation sign. In his chart, the 12th House, Virgo, is also associated with marital bliss, and its Lord, Mercury, is sitting well in the 3rd House unafflicted and strong. He is likely to get marry between Nov 2014 to Sep 2017. In actual fact, he was married in Jan 2015, which is the sub-period of Jupiter in the Rahu mahadasha period. Why this period? Rahu aspects his 7th House while Jupiter aspects Venus, the karaka for wife in a man’s chart.
Career/Wealth: Sun, the lord of the 11th House (House of Gains), is well placed in the 4th House and close to the most effective point. Since the 4th House is connected with real estate, fixed assets and home, we know that his earnings is able to allow him to acquire properties with ease. The 10th Lord, Moon (career) is placed in the 11th House, meaning his career can make him a lot of money. The affliction of Rahu on Moon will give him a lot of mental and emotional tension as a trade-off but at the same time, Rahu also filled his mind with materialistic pursuits (always wanting more wealth).
Jupiter, being the 3rd lord, represents creative talents towards communication (ability to compose). It resides in the 10th House of Career and closely aspects the 2nd House (House of Wealth and Status). Hence, his talents have a direct impact on his musical success.
Children: He will have at least 1 but likely 3 children in his life. There will be a mixture of boys and girls. So far he has already 1 daughter and 1 son.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Vedic Astrology in Singapore

Not long ago, a couple who engaged me to for the selection of their wedding and solemnization date asked me why I used Vedic Astrology to perform the task instead of the usual Bazi method. I explained to them that the former uses more precise timing and thus can produce more accurate results with high level of certainty. “If that is the case, then why is it that most of my friends and relatives have not heard about Vedic Astrology before?” they asked me in return. Well, that is indeed a valid question. It is actually a very culturally-based thing. Most of the Indians in Singapore do use Vedic Astrology in many major events of their life, be it auspicious date selection, moving house or even marriage compatibility matching. However, this practice is limited to their community only. For the Chinese, we have intrinsically within our culture our very own systems like bazi and ziwei doushu, with many well established masters out there selling their wares. The level of awareness of an equally powerful system (if not better and more ancient) is almost non-existent, especially among couples getting married, whose knowledge on the custom of choosing auspicious dates came from their parents, who in turn believes that such services can only be found along Waterloo Street among the Chinese fortune tellers.
Another observation I had today was when I went to Kinokuniya Orchard and saw a few hundred English and Chinese books on bazi, ziwei doushu, palmistry, face reading, feng shui and tarot reading but yet there were only THREE (yes THREE!!!) books on Vedic Astrology (2 in English and 1 in Chinese). No wonder not many Singaporeans know about it, because there is simply not enough information out there, apart from the cultural reason mentioned earlier on. Hence, I would like to take this chance to be the catalyst and hope to change all this through my writing and sharing. It is not easy but it can be done.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Tony Robbins

This man needs no introduction since he is famous for bringing NLP to the world. He is a motivational speaker, businessman, author and philanthropist. He is also someone known for being the husband and father a family can dream of. His wealth streams from literally every known source where money can be made. He propagate the ideology of self-help and the life changing power of determination and willpower, brought forth by utilising the tool known as NLP. However, if we are to analyse his Vedic astrological birth chart, it may gives us more clue about whether he is destined to have the Midas touch.
One of the first things I saw from his chart is the affliction of the 6th House by both Saturn and Sun. Both Saturn and Sun are functional malefics and this means disputes or lack of affinity with his father (Sun being badly placed in the 6th House). 6th House represents the heath of a person and implies that he will suffer some heath issues throughout his life (He suffered from acromegaly during his teens which cause him to grow way beyond the normal size of a boy his age). To have a better idea of the potential health issues, we look at his Ascendant Lord, Mercury which we see that it is debilitated in the 7th House. Not only that, it is severely afflicted by Rahu/Ketu. Afflicted Mercury is associated with speech, mouth and throat problems, which we do not see happening (only in recent years where his hoarse voice is getting worse due to the way projects his voice). The reason the problems were not showing earlier on is because the 2nd Lord, Venus, which also associated with speech is well-placed in the 5th House (Venus being the 2nd lord - beauty of speech; he moves people when he speaks). The afflicted Mercury, which is the Lord of the 1st House, represents problems in the head area therefore it came as no surprise his acromegaly was attributed to a tumour in his head which was only discovered when he was 31 years old. He chose not to have any surgery but it can give problems when he goes into a Rahu or Ketu bhukti.
Anyway, I digressed too much, so let’s focus on his wealth accumulation abilities. The 11th Lord, Moon (House of Gains) is residing in the 7th House (House of Partnerships), thus we know that the partnerships he had will benefit him financially. Next, you will notice that his 2nd Lord, Venus (House of Wealth) is located in his 5th House (House of Investments). As Venus’s degree is very close to the most effective point of the 5th House, its impact on his life will be felt the strongest. He will be able to grow his investments easily, having the Midas touch as I mentioned before. The 5th House is associated with entertainment, showmanship and luxuries. It also represents higher education and young people. Most importantly, the 5th house stands for self expression that brings joy and pleasure to a person, and that he exactly what he teaches in his motivational seminars. His limitless energy when you see him on stage can be attributed to his Mars which is exalted in the 5th House. Mars is also the 8th Lord which represents easy gains or unearned income. When placed in the 5th House, the 8th Lord brings money through speculation and entrepreneurial pursuits. All the above he managed to achieve at a rather young age since he was going through the best mahadasha, which is Venus period from 1968 to 1987, making him a millionaire at 24 years old.
The karaka of profession is Saturn so when it conjuncts with Jupiter, it will bring respect and high earnings to him. Mars and Venus are positioned in the 2nd House from Saturn and this would mean that he has struggled hard in his profession but in return, he is able to amass wealth and properties.  
So from the perspective of Vedic astrology, was he destined to achieve such phenomenal success? Yes and there is no denial of it as we can see from above.

Alvin Chua

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sutta Remedy for Rahu's Affliction on the Moon

In Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu are known to be malefic planets that can cause a lot of trouble when a person’s natal chart contains planets afflicted by them. This is especially so if the Moon is weak and closely afflicted by them. A person can suffer emotional turmoil, depression or even psychiatric disorder as a result. In an unlikely place, Rahu is actually being mentioned in a pair of scriptures from the Samyutta Nikaya of the Pali Canon. In the Candima Sutta and the Suriya Sutta, Rahu attacks Surya, the Sun deity and Chandra, the Moon deity before being compelled to release them by their recitation of a brief katha conveying their reverence for the Buddha. The Buddha requested Rahu to release them, which Rahu does rather than have his "head split into seven pieces". The verses recited by the two celestial deities and the Buddha have since been incorporated into Buddhist liturgy as protective verses recited by monks as prayers of protection.


Thus have I heard:

On one occasion the Blessed One was living near Savatthi, at Jetavana at Anathpindika's monastery. At that time Candima, the moon deity, was seized by Rahu, lord of Asura. Thereupon calling to mind the Blessed One, Candima, the moon deity, recited this stanza:

i. "O Buddha, the Hero, thou art wholly free from all evil. My adoration to thee. I have fallen into distress. Be thou my refuge."

Thereupon the Blessed One addressed a stanza to Rahu, Lord of Asuras, on behalf of Candima, thus:

ii. "O Rahu, Candima has gone for refuge to the Tathagata, the Consummate One. Release Candima. The Buddhas radiate compassion on the world (of beings)."

Thereupon Rahu, Lord of Asuras, released Candima, the deity, and immediately came to the presence of Vepacitta, Lord of Asuras, and stood beside him trembling with fear and with hair standing on end. Then Vepacitta addressed Rahu in this stanza.

iii. "Rahu. Why did you suddenly release Candima? Why have you come trembling, and why are you standing here terrified?"

"I have been spoken to by the Buddha in a stanza (requesting me to release Candima). If I had not released Candima my head would have split into seven pieces. While yet I live, I should have had no happiness. (Therefore I released Candima)."

In PALI, to be chanted as a remedy for those people who suffers from Rahu / Ketu affliction on the Moon in their chart:


Evam me sutam ekam samayam Bhagava Savatthiyam viharati Jetavane Anathapindikassa arame.

Tena kho pana samayena candima devaputto rahuna asurindena gahito hoti.

Atha kho candima devaputto Bhagavantam anussaramano tayam velayam imam gatham abhasi:

"Namo te Buddhaviratthu vippamuttosi sabbadhi,
Sambadhapatipannosmi tassa me saranam bhavati."

Atha kho Bhagava candimam devaputtam arabbha rahum asurindam gathaya ajjhabhasi:

"Tathagatam arahantam candima saranam gato
Rahu candam pamuncassu buddha lokanukampakati."

Atha kho rahu asurindo candimam devaputtam muncitva taramanarupo yena vepacitti asurindo ten'upasankami.
Upasankamitva samviggo lomahatthajato eka-m-antam atthasi.

Eka-m-antam thitam kho rahum asurindam vepacitti asurindo gathaya ajjhabhasi:

Kin nu santaramanova rahu candam pamuncasi,
Samviggarupo agamma kin nu bhito va titthasiti.

Sattadha me phale muddha jivanto na sukham labhe,
Buddhagathabhigitomhi no ce munceyya candimanti.